Nicole | Little Italy & La Jolla

Oh, Nicole.  I knew this session would be a success right from the start?  How’s that?  Well, for starters, Nicole’s session was rained out TWICE.  So this session actually got pushed back several times.  And Nicole’s response when I mentioned it during the shoot?  “It was meant to be.

I was too busy and stressed out those other days anyway- now I’m totally excited and ready.”  Amazing. I know that people realize I can’t control the weather, but I still feel bad when weather prevents any session from taking place.  For Nicole (and her sweet mom) to have such a great attitude about it was simply the best.

I stopped by Nicole’s house the week before her session to check out her outfit selection, and this was my 2nd hint that we were going to have fun.  Every outfit was set out, complete with accessories, shoes, and more, all arranged in neat little piles, folded and ready.  I could not ask for a more organized subject!  Nicole did her own makeup and it looked lovely.

The weather this day was so surreal. We started with sunny skies in the bright colors of Little Italy, but once we headed to La Jolla a marine layer swooped in and the skies turned gray.  I still love the outcome, and I think Nicole does too.  It’s hard to pick a favorite image in this session- there are simply too many!

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