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San Diego offers so many options- beaches, parks, urban settings- you really can’t go wrong. If you aren’t sure, we’ll figure it out together. We’ve got this!



Capturing life’s most treasured memories and telling your senior year story through studio sessions and outdoor shoots in San Diego

I’m Natalie Chiles, a wife, mother, friend, and high school senior portrait photographer based in La Mesa, California. I specialize in super fun and creative high school senior photography sessions to celebrate your milestone of graduating.


Reasons Why You Should Take High School Senior Portraits

Life is full of joyful moments, and high school is one of the most memorable parts. Finishing your senior year is a milestone worth celebrating through professionally-captured photos in San Diego.

All the extra-curricular programs, prom dates, exams, and after-class hangouts with classmates will end soon. Senior year will be a chapter you need to close, yet your amazing photos will stand the test of time.

Aside from the traditional toga, hood, and cap photo, personalizing your senior year photos lets you create a unique souvenir for social media posting or printing. The images would even make thoughtful gifts when visiting relatives or friends.

Let’s capture modern yet personal and creative photos to remember this special time!


My Senior Portrait Session Services in San Diego, CA

You are a unique person, and your high school senior portraits should reflect your individuality. As your full-service photographer in San Diego, you will receive all of these services to capture great photos.

  • Consultation: Wondering when is the best time to shoot or how long will a session last? I will guide you in planning the shoot, such as choosing a theme and preparing hair and makeup. Whether you’re into music, sports, or fashion, I can incorporate your traits and passion in every element of the photo.
  • Photoshoot: It’s time to have the most fun and exciting part! I’ll walk you through the process of the entire photography session. Whether you want a city look, a beautiful San Diego beach, or a countryside setting, I will bring out the best in you, letting you shine in front of the camera and pose confidently.
  • Editing: Aside from being a photographer, I’m also capable of post-processing portraits to preserve your natural youthfulness in each shot. I will fix all blemishes and distractions in every photo, making sure the images and finished portraits are immaculate.
  • Delivery: Printing gives life to your images! As a full-service portrait photographer, I offer one-of-a-kind art pieces that you can display in your home. Share high-quality prints, albums, and wall art with your family to see how far you’ve come as a student and a person.

Book a senior photo session, and let’s chat about your photo ideas!


How to Plan For Your High School Senior Portraits

We are going to have a fantastic time creating your senior portraits! Before that, I want to make both you and your parents happy with the ideas for each photo.

As a San Diego family and portrait photographer, I share a simple process of planning sessions to bring your inspiration to beautiful portraits.

Determine What You Like in a Photo

A senior portrait session is all about YOU, so the idea should revolve around your personality, interests, and how you see yourself ending senior year. What’s essential is that you feel comfortable and that the portraits reflect you.

The first step is to explore what direction you want to take. It can be a love letter to yourself as you enter college or take a gap year. We can even include a few family portraits, so you can also see the proud faces of your parents.

Work Within a Budget

I welcome open conversation regarding the budget, especially with your parents. As a mother and photographer, I value the importance of working within a budget without compromising quality or style in portrait sessions.

Whether you want a San Diego beach or studio setup, we can make your session happen.  I am able to offer different payment options when requested, and I can assist you in working around a budget to achieve your desired setups or outfits.

Relax and Enjoy the Process

From my experience, some people feel somewhat uncomfortable in front of the camera. I still even feel that at times! However, with the right photographer, you can have a fun, memorable experience and amazing portraits to collect.

It won’t just be about me coaching you how to pose. I also ensure that you feel empowered, relaxed, and safe in every part of the shoot. 

I also welcome any new ideas you can think of while we’re taking the photos. Remember- this is your moment, and your time to shine.

Capture this special time with the ultimate session to save your high school memories.


Senior Pictures Pricing

I offer customizable packages to ensure you get the most out of your portrait session. However, for starters, a one-location photoshoot costs only $250. If you want more than one location, like a studio and an outdoor setting, you’ll get a full-service session for only $350.

You can choose a photography print package for your digital images ranging from $400 to $1000. Likewise, you have the freedom to pick the top shots from the session, and I will retouch them to perfection.

Feel free to leave a message, and I can send a custom quote for your photography session!


See What My Senior Portrait Photography Clients Have to Say

Are you wondering what it’s like to have your high school senior pictures captured? Discover some inspiration from these wonderful seniors and get an idea of what it’s like to shoot senior portraits in San Diego!

Enjoy the same experience with your own high school senior portrait session.


Meet Natalie, Your Senior Portraits San Diego Photographer

Hello, I’m Natalie. Nice to meet you! I’m a San Diego-based professional photographer specializing in headshots, studio sessions, family photography, and senior portraits. My job is to help you create memories using senior photos.

After spending 13 years as a music teacher, I have first-hand experience working with children of all ages. In January 2013, I started Natalie Chiles Photography because I value the importance of documenting the milestones in our lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Portrait Photography

What Should I Wear During a Senior Portrait?

I suggest sticking to the clothes you would typically wear to showcase your personality. However, I utilize a service called Style & Select to help prepare outfits and accessories that reflect your style while looking amazing on your session.

Will You Help Me in Posing?

Of course! I’m no stranger to feeling awkward when having my pictures captured, so I make sure to guide my subjects using multiple angles and senior photography posing ideas.

What Are the Best Locations for Senior Portraits?

Whether you want to shoot in a studio or outdoors, California offers several picture-worthy spots. The best places for shooting senior portraits include Chula Vista, Torrey Pines, Del Mar, Balboa Park, La Jolla, and Rancho Santa Fe. Some areas get pretty busy during the weekends, so I suggest choosing a weekday or summer break.


Celebrate Your End of High School With Memorable Senior Portraits

Are you looking for a San Diego high school senior photographer? I can’t wait to highlight the vibrant stage of your senior year! 

Consider booking early! This ensures we get the location and schedule you want. Additionally, we can have enough time to source clothes, props, and hair and makeup artist appointments. I’ll see you soon.

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