Simple Studio Portraits

They’re back!

Simple Studio Portraits

I’m excited to bring back this session to the NCP Studio! “What is it?” you might be asking… It’s simple, really. Your pick some simple, nice clothes for your kids and come spend 30 minutes with me at the studio. We get that lovely portrait of them together, and individual portraits as well. If we check the list off, then… we have fun and let their personalities shine!

One your session is complete, I’ll place your images in a gallery, and you’ll purchase the ones you love, leave the ones you don’t. If we score with a fun, everyone-is-in-a-good-mood session, you can buy them all! These sessions do not have a ton of props, fancy backdrops, etc. We keep it simple so you are in, out, and back to your regularly scheduled circus. Ready to grab your spot? Keep scrolling!


Pricing & More

These sessions now include a print credit. Your photos should be tangible in your home!
Use your print credit in my online shop to ensure that you not only have those precious digital files,
but you also have something for your home.


Reserves a 30-minute session for you
These sessions are intended for siblings only (no parents)
Children must be able to sit independently.

Current Dates:

April 6 & 7th
April 13 & 14th

Collection A

$200 + $50 pRINT CREDIT


Delivered in high and web resolutions, fully retouched


Applied towards anything in my online shop

Collection B

$300 + $100 PRINT CREDIT


Delivered in high and web resolutions, fully retouched


Applied towards anything in my online shop

Collection C

$400 + $200 PRINT CREDIT


Delivered in high and web resolutions, fully retouched


Applied towards anything in my online shop


Once you sign up (click below if you’re ready!) my system will walk you through everything from choosing your date, signing your contract and paying your session fee.

Once your spot is reserved, you’ll get directions to the studio, info about what to wear, and more! I’m always here to answer questions as well, so we’ll be sure you are 100% ready for a successful session.


I always encourage parents to let their kids bring what they need. Some of my favorite images are of kids with their favorite toy or stuffed animal.


Not only will you be able to choose images to keep forever as digital files, you’ll also gain access to my online shop with several options of high quality pieces for your home. Let your kids see themselves in your home- it’s such a validating experience! Put your print credit towards some beautiful archival prints, wall art, or one of my other unique gifts for family or yourself!


Maybe these will help- if not, ask away!

I am a parent as well. It happens. I always suggest just going with the flow for photo sessions. If we harrass kids into behaving they usually let it show, but if we can make them laugh on the fly, see that it really is fun, then we can really get some genuine expressions.

They are not alone- we can validate them for starters! I will also send the photos I take to my iPad- they’ll be able to see them right away. This can be super helpful for kids who aren’t so sure about having their photo taken. I am also not above a funny face contest, fart noises, or whatever it takes to help them relax and be themselves.

This is totally your call. New or new-ish clothes photograph better in the studio for sure. However, if your kids have preferences, I recommend honoring them- especially if they are older. Letting them choose their clothes can be both hilarious and freeing- it’s a huge symbol of who they are in this moment!

I reserve 30 minutes per family. This is typically more than enough time. If you have concerns, or more than four kids, it’s best to reach out prior to reserving your spot to check in!