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Photos are about YOU.

What is your end goal? That is where we start. At the end. Once we have a shared vision, everything else falls into place.

I’m Natalie

I’ve been a photographer for 10 years. Before that I was a teacher for 13. I love photography and I love people. As a midwestern girl, I do love the beach, but I also love so many other gems around this amazing playground of San Diego, California! If you’re looking for a studio vibe, I’ve got that as well. My studio is located near Cowles Mountain.

I will help you figure it alllll out- the outfits, the timing, the bribery involved. I got you.


Every season should be documented.

Natalie Chiles San Diego Portrait Photographer


I’m Natalie, a portrait photographer based in San Diego, CA. Let the world see how amazing you are through a memorable San Diego portrait session. With my expertise in posing, lighting, and helping people bring out their personalities, we will create fantastic portrait photos for your self-discovery journey and legacy.

Portrait Photography Services in San Diego

Preparing for Your Portrait Photo Session

With my years of experience as a San Diego portrait photographer, I can achieve whatever goals your images will help you attain.

We connect: We’ll talk about your target date, preferred services, and photoshoot ideas.

We plan: I will guide you in preparing what to wear for a portrait session and what you can expect to do during the shoot.

We take photos: Regardless of your experience, I’ll coach you into feeling comfortable in front of the camera.

Kind Words from Clients

Do you want to know what the experience is like? These are the reasons why I continue to provide the best services as a San Diego portrait photographer. Click here to read first hand accounts of what it’s like to work with me.

Do you want to experience the same? Let’s make it happen!

Meet Natalie

In January 2013, I started Natalie Chiles Photography because I have a passion for helping families and business owners experience a fun portrait photoshoot. Whether you have a graduating senior, a young family or your own business, I can create stunning imagery that will stand the test of time and trends.

Book Your Professional Portrait Photographer in San Diego

Are you looking for a La Mesa-based professional headshots photographer? Are you ready to plan your dream portrait photo session in San Diego?

I can’t wait to hear about your ideas! I’ll see you soon.Phone: +1 619-318-7891Email: natalie@nataliechiles.comLocation: 7183 Navajo Road, San Diego, CA, United States, 92119.

Take a look here to see a session in action from the moment we take photos to the final product.

Natalie Chiles Promo Video

Preserve Your Images through Art

As one of the leading San Diego portrait photographers, I offer a range of photography services where my knowledge and expertise will be at your disposal.

Headshots & Branding Photography:

Whether it’s for work or passion projects, having a professional headshot allows you to show your character and brand.

School Portraits:

From preschool through high school, I’m going to take you on a visual journey to document your child’s school experience.

High School Seniors:

I’ll help commemorate the achievement of jumping from high school to college through awesome senior year photos.

Family Portraits:

As a San Diego family portrait photographer, I’m here to freeze time and help you remember moments that will soon be a blur- I’m a mom of three, so I know how this goes!

Fine Art Portraiture and Maternity:

I can help you make an artistic statement using couture dresses, creative poses, and aesthetic editing.

Simple Studio Portraits: I also offer a quick 30-minute studio portrait shoot; we’re going to use simple backdrops so that the focus will remain on your kids.


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