San Diego Headshots

San Diego Headshots

In my studio near Cowles Mountain or on location, headshots can be easy and fun. You look marvelous- don’t worry!

San Diego Headshots

Natalie Chiles Photography offers high-quality professional headshot photography services with complete retouching and quick turnaround time for San Diego clients. Show your true personality for your business and clients using up-to-date, quality corporate headshots.

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San Diego Headshot Photography Services

Are you hunting for a new job or looking to improve your team image? Whether it’s for yourself or your whole team, headshot photography can help you create a stellar impression.

Studio Portraits

Do you need a close-up image for your resume or branding materials? I will take your picture in the best light! My San Diego studio has a range of backdrops that can suit different themes for headshot photography.

Outdoor Portraits

Compared to studio headshots, I can capture your professional image at your favorite place in San Diego. It can be at the beach or the park, anywhere that best represents who you are as a professional. 

On-Site Corporate Headshots

We can also capture your business portraits at your San Diego business site, may it be at law firms or medical clinics. It’s like having a mobile studio in your office during business hours. I will bring the necessary backdrop and lighting equipment to set up a shooting area for your team’s LinkedIn or company images.

Benefits of Professional Headshots

As a San Diego headshots photographer, I ensure clients have fun while taking photos that speak volumes about themselves and their businesses.

Make a Solid Impression

Make your first impression count! Corporate headshots identify you as a career person. Personal branding headshots serve as your introduction and your way to convey to people who you are.

Invest in Versatile Photos

I can photograph your team members individually, which would be better than group shots. If your office or team encounters turnover from time to time, new company members can be photographed and added without having to photograph the entire group again.

Improve Office Branding

Business portraits showcase your group’s personality, warmth, and professionalism. You can also use environmental portraits for social media content and other marketing materials.

Headshot Photography Process

I have been a headshot photographer for individuals, families, and corporate teams since 2013. Over the years, as a professional photographer, I have developed a process that makes it convenient for clients to have business headshots.

  • Booking schedules: Let’s have a quick chat to determine the best date and time for your photography session in San Diego. We will plan accordingly for environmental portraits in your office or branding images in a different location.
  • Preparations: From determining the best light to finding the right photography location in San Diego, I will help brainstorm and prepare for your San Diego business headshots.
  • Photoshoot: As a headshot photographer, I use my years of experience in styling and lighting to achieve your desired headshot. I will coach you on body language and facial expressions that best represent you.
  • Photo selections and retouching: Professional retouching lets you use the images anywhere, in any size or format. I retouch every image by hand. Choose your favorite photos after the session and expect a quick turnaround of the online gallery within 48 hours.

San Diego Headshots Pricing Packages

I’m giving you the best deals for a San Diego headshot session. If you have particular requests, contact us for a custom quote. You can also purchase additional photos.

Studio Session

Studio corporate headshots start at $275, and you can bring as many outfits as you want. My setups have solid colors and textures. The final product includes one fully retouched image, sized for web and print use.


Unlike a simple studio shoot, on-location sessions let you choose your favorite spot in San Diego for your headshots. For only $375, we’ll time your session to have the best natural light in the city.

What’s more, the final photo will be fully retouched to your liking. As a bonus, I have a portable changing room, so you don’t need to worry about changing outfits.

Level up your personal branding, and corporate image with headshots photography

Frequently Asked Questions About San Diego Business Photography

Will You Guide Me in Posing in Front of the Camera?

You don’t have to worry about posing because I will guide you through various angles and poses to ensure you have several options. I have worked with hundreds of clients who initially felt shy, so we will start with simple poses until you feel more comfortable.

What Do I Wear for a Headshot Photo Shoot?

What you’ll wear for your headshots should depend on your industry, line of work, and even the personality you want to show. Unlike creative perspective shoots or fine art portraiture, you should prepare industry-related outfits for headshot photography. It’s good to bring options, so consider well-fitted suits, layers, and tops with higher necklines.

What Should I Do if I Have Blemishes on the Day of the Shoot?

There’s no need to panic about blemishes on the shoot day. Compared to others who require extra payment, your package already includes full retouching, so you won’t have to deal with blemishes.

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