FAQs for any session type!

Do not freak out. It’s okay. I’ve handled everything from blemishes here and there to acne, and everything in between. I will ensure that your final images are your skin, but better- and not plastic. Every image I retouch is edited by hand- no filters or quick fixes. When you look at your images now or in five or ten years, you’ll see YOU and you won’t remember or see any skin issues.

Of *course*! This is actually a fun part of your session. I am no stranger to feeling weird having my own photo taken; I know what it’s like. We will start simple and go from there. I photograph every person I work with from multiple angles and poses to ensure you have options.

This is definitely one of the most common questions. Everything is relative to the purpose of your photos, of course. But it’s also relative to you. Some of my most basic tips:
• Don’t buy (or wear) something totally different from what you normally wear just because you’re having your photo taken. Stick with your favorite styles that feel like you.
• Don’t wear your most tired articles of clothing.

Photos = shopping whether you love it or not! New clothes are not a requirement, but they at least need to be clean and pressed.

Asking this question is good; it means you care about how your photos will look on the flip side, when we are all done. So that’s a great start! Rest assured that I will guide you through what to wear, and it is always good to bring options no matter what type of session you are having.

This is not a service that is included with your fee, but I am happy to help put you in touch with fabulous artists in the are. Getting your makeup and hair taken care of by a professional is essential to boosting your confidence and looking forward to seeing your images.

Every image I release to clients has been retouched. Even if they do not want or require common retouch requests (blemish removal, I still review and “touch” every image that gets delivered. I do not sell unretouched images.

Currently I have two Canon R6 bodies, and shoot with a variety of Canon and Sigma Art lenses. The lens I choose is relative to the setting, lighting and more.

Families In Studio

This depends greatly on where you want the shoot to take place, what time of year, etc. Typically mid day sessions mean the sun is at its highest point in the sky, making lighting less than flattering for subjects below. However, if there is a location with a lot of open shade options, I’m not opposed to it.

This is a great question. The answer is relative to your little one and what their happiest time of day is. If they wake up ready to face the world, but their afternoon nap leads them to question all existence, then we should have your session in the morning. Every child is different- let’s go with what works for them!

Take the photos anyway. And? TELL ME. If I know that you are feeling a certain way about something, I can guide you to poses and approaches that flatter instead of enhance. Any image you see where people are walking, for example? Those folks have been coached and coached on how to walk.

The more information I have ahead of time, the better. I have a ton of experience with children with special needs, and my time as a teacher taught me to work with people of many different backgrounds. Together we can work out a plan to help everyone feel and be successful within the constraints of their needs.

Woman wearing a white buttoned shirt top with blue jeans while posing outside a building for her headshot