Shauna | Downtown San Diego Urban Session

Shauna’s high school senior portrait photography session was one I looked forward to from the moment we planned when we would be shooting her senior session.  I just love urban sessions, but she wanted to explore new areas, and try some places I hadn’t used before.

Shauna is a Comic Con lover, as well as Broadway musicals, and she is also a competitive dancer.  There were just too many things to talk about!  We started at the library downtown, and then worked our way over to the pedestrian bridge that connects the San Diego Convention Center to the rest of downtown.  Our hopes were a bit dashed when we were kicked out of the Convention Center, but we got creative really quick.  🙂

I think a favorite memory will always be Shauna’s mom, Renee, hailing a pedicab for us so that we could relax on our way back to the car.  We ended at a fabulous view of downtown, where we got some fun images of Shauna with her beloved car.

Shauna will be attending UCSD this fall.  I have truly come to admire how easy she is to be with.  Shauna graciously agreed to be part of a special project with me, so this is not the last we will see of her on the blog!

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