In the Box Sessions

The time in front of the camera is only part of these magical sessions.

So much goes into creating a realistic look- the
studio photo session is just part of it!

Watch these videos of editing magic (sped up, of course) to see what goes into creating a
beautiful finished product!

Four Boys in a Box

In-the-Box Sessions

Get “In the Box”!

In studio only

The In-the-Box portrait here is a perfect example; Mom has a photo of each of her boys from when they were newborns; but they aren’t newborns anymore! Now that they are so much bigger, we had fun showcasing how much they have changed, and how much they still love those baby photos. This piece will now hang WITH those baby photos in their home, too! Such a fun way to show how much our kids change over time!

Create Memories in Print & in Person

Your session fee includes all preparatory guidance (outfits, props, etc.), and up to two hours of in-studio photography. Immediately following your session Natalie will review possibilities of products with you, and present you with suggestions for what layout and plan will work best for what you will eventually display in your home. These treasured pieces take a minimum of 3 weeks to produce, but the wait is worth it!


Square : 9

Square : 4

Square : Lucky 13

1 Plus 8


Which Layout Will You Choose?

Large Centered 5

Vertical 12

Horizontal 12


In the Box Wall Art Session


This session is the perfect opportunity for your kids to showcase who they are RIGHT NOW. Sports? Music? Reading? Art? Gaming? Through our planning process we can find a way to highlight literally anything your family is into, whether it’s as individuals or a group. The box is 4 feet by 4 feet, and 2 feet deep.


Showcase Personalities