Grad Sessions:
The Process


We plan.

This is the most important part!

Your senior year, whether it’s high school or college, can be daunting. Finishing requirements, applying to schools or jobs, squeezing in every last thing before you move on to the next part of life- it’s a lot! But planning your session is crucial to having the best outcome possible- amazing photos that you love! I’ll help you every step of the way.


The session itself: Yippee!

No really- it’s fun.

I would say that 80% of my clients say at some point during their session, “This is way more fun than I thought it would be!” That’s the goal- to have fun, take photos and celebrate your milestone.

A senior student wearing a football uniform and posing for his portrait


Choosing your collection.

Digital files, but also let’s print something

It is extremely important to me that you have the digital files from your session, but also something tangible. We’ll work in some smaller phases now. We’ll have your session gallery reveal, get your collection set, and then you can choose how to use your print credit!

More about Part One:

One location: $250 | Two locations: $350

Your session fee includes all of the prep involved, the presentation of your gallery and slideshow so you can select your final collection. Images are not included in your session fee.

Reserve your date & location

Beach, non-beach, or studio (or a combo!)

Plan your clothing

I have guides for you, a client closet and we’ll meet virtuallly at least once, if not more!

Finalize the little details

Accessories, hair, shoes…. all of it makes a difference!

Maybe you’ve done this before, or maybe you haven’t. The more we connect in advance to plan, plan, plan, the better we both feel when we show up. Planning also helps us get to know each other a bit before the actual date of your session, so that when we meet up, there’s no awkward introductions, no wondering what everyone is like- it’s all “known.”

Sessions are not limited by time, necessarily. We plan for the light as needed, and then we show up and have fun. When we’re done we’ll know, or if the sun fully sets, it’s time to wrap!

More about Part Two: The Session Itself

Never done this before? No worries.

Because we have prepared so well for it, it’s FUN! Most of my hesitant grads tell me at the end that even if they were unsure, once we get rolling, they have so much fun!

The biggest piece of advice I give my grad clients is to stay true to who YOU are. Your sense of style, your energy, your vibe- it will all shine through if you stick to what makes you YOU.

Below are some common questions I get prior to sessions- if you have one that isn’t listed, be sure to ask!

Got Questions?

This is super common. Some kids are just venturing into fashion and figuring things out at this point. It’s totally fine. I have a loose formula to follow that really helps you figure out what to wear, what you might want to shop for, and more. We’ll figure it out together, and no one is going to force you to wear anything you hate.

It’s certainly possible to use what you already have, and it’s definitely not a requirement to buy an entire new wardrobe. However, clothes do need to look “fresh” for them to photograph well, so be sure to get things laundered, pressed, and give your kicks some time with a magic eraser.

If you think having someone do your hair and makeup would give you a confidence boost, then yes- do it! I have friends to recommend. I also think it’s totally fine to do your own makeup if you have your own skill set. Not sure? We can chat and decide!

Especially if your session happens in the spring, it’s very typical to be in a bit of a rush to get your images finalized. I am totally fine with prioritizing images before others, but do require a collection purchase before working on any retouching.

Sometimes the weather looks like it will be terrible, but then it’s fine. If it’s 48 hours prior to your session and things are not looking good, we can definitely hop on the phone to schedule a different date. I do have the studio as well, so if your date is not adjustable, we can pivot if needed!

This happens- and it’s ok! I encourage you to do it anyway. 35, 40, or even 60 year-old you may be thankful you did this. Parents who want photos of their kids have one thing in common: they love their kids, so think of it as a gift to your family.

I only release fully edited & retouched images into the world. It is against my policy to hand over unedited images.


Part Three: Choosing Your Collection


A man with formal suit posing outside for his senior photograph

12 Images

$100 Print Credit



25 Images

$250 Print Credit

All images delivered in both high and web resolutions

All images are fully retouched

Print credit can be used towards any items in my online shop (see below)



Entire Gallery

$500 Print Credit

What is a print credit?

Print credit is free money to spend on or towards tangible products in my online store. Once you choose your collection of images, I’ll turn the store “on” so you can view, choose and ask questions while I’m in the final retouching process.

There is no requirement to use your print credit, but it applies only to your current session, and collection pricing does not change regardless of use.


4 things I love in the shop.

Ready to book?

Let’s do this!

If we’ve already been in touch, it’s totally fine to circle back and let me know via text or email. If you haven’t been in touch yet, please click below and fill out the contact form- we’ll talk soon and get to planning! I can’t wait!

“Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.”

– Michael jordan

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