About Natalie

Natalie.  "Christmas Child."  My birthday is in March (Mom just liked the name).  

I believe in the art of being nice.  I believe in helping.  I married a man who believes the same, thank goodness.  We have 3 kids, all in school now (milestone!) and are doing the "young family juggle" on the daily. 

I love high school seniors.   I think it might be because I wasn't so sure of myself when I was a senior.  I was busting at the seams to go explore the world, but also sad that I wasn't really a kid anymore.  

I love working with humans one-on-one.  Doesn't really matter how old you are.  7 months or 70+ years.  I will take a photo of you.  But before I click that shutter button I'm going to really look for you.  I want to connect with you.  If all you see is a camera pointing at you, then I'm not doing my job.  When people see that image of you, I want them to see your most authentic self.  Be who you are and let me hop in the passenger seat with you- we'll make some beautiful images.  

This is my family.  They are my everything.  Video cred goes straight to the amazing Sean Fresh, one of the coolest guys I know.  

About Madison

9 times of out 10, Madison will be with me on a senior session.  Madison is the girl I would have loved to be in my 20s- sassy, fun and full of style and energy.  She is up on the latest trends, can throw your hair in a messy bun in a flash, and will futz with your stray hairs until they no longer need fussing. 

Some other fun facts about Madison:

• coffee addict

• not opposed to rainbow hair (any color will do but I especially love it when she chooses jewel tones)

• shops on the regular at Nordstrom, Top Shop, Urban Outfiters and Free People

• recently started carrying a real wallet for the first time ever

• infectious smile, blue eyes and a great laugh; she keeps our sessions light and fun

About Natalie