Photography Study: Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum

I think I’m starting a new series!  I am so in love with photography it’s not even funny.  After attending my photography class a few weeks ago I am taking so many more photos, and even loving my mistakes, because now I understand what I’m doing wrong.  So every once in a while I’m just going to post photos I’ve taken.  Sometimes, like today, they’ll be grouped and themed, while others will just be a photo dump, of sorts.  This series is going to be for personal reasons just as much as a blogging thing.  I want to keep track of my progress, and this will be an easy, visual way for me to see how, when and where I improve.  Huzzah!

These photos were all taken in the same place.  I went up with my family to check out the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum as a potential location for a festival in the early fall.  I had never even heard of this place, but I was instantly happy that I brought my camera because it was rich with fun things to take pictures of, and it was a beautiful day.

This place is unlike any other place I’ve been in San Diego.  It’s not really even in San Diego- it’s in Vista, which is way north county.  It felt very rural when we got there, and it was a bit like stepping back in time.  We even spoke to a man who worked there who was literally bleeding from an engine repair injury while he spoke to us.   No big thing- just bleeding.

I was also disappointed- my grandpa was a steam engine connoisseur and would have loved this place.  He visited me several times before he left us in 2004, and I wish I had known about this lovely, quirky place to bring him.

I also learned a valuable lesson:  check your settings!  I forgot that the evening before I had been at Le Diner à San Diego, and my friend, Brent, had used my camera for a few shots.  When I started taking photos at the museum I was wondering why they didn’t look the way I thought they would.  Then I realized that Brent had put my lens in manual focus, and I also hadn’t adjusted my ISO for daylight. Whoops!  Once I did that, I was off and running.  Lesson learned!

Check me out- I’m doin’ good, right?  :-)


  • Megan @ Mama Bub - You’re inspiring me to learn to take better pictures with my camera! I love the one of the kids in front of the camera.ReplyCancel

    • Nat - Megan, I totally recommend the class I took- let me know if you want the info. It’s one day, and then you’re set. Loved it!ReplyCancel

  • Cynthia Shaffer - Are you kidding? You are crazy GOOD! I’m looking at my calendar to figure out some new dates to teach this class again … Natalie, you are the reason I love to teach this class! Keep posting photos, your blog looks amazing!ReplyCancel

    • Nat - Be sure you post in our FB group- I want to help promote the class because it (and YOU) are so awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Laural Out Loud - I’ve never wanted a DSLR more in MY LIFE. Great pics! And what a cool way to learn more about your camera.ReplyCancel

    • Nat - I think my husband trolled Craig’s List for week before my birthday because that was all I wanted was a camera. :-) ReplyCancel

  • rita - So glad you took the Cynthia’s class too! I am so in love with my photos too. I can’t imagine going back on auto mode! Ciao for now RitaReplyCancel

  • wendy - you done good, girl! that john deere one is my favorite!ReplyCancel

    • Nat - There were John Deere’s everywhere- it was awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Crazy Kwistin - Love the photos!! We were just there for a Birthday Party, such a neat place! I love your site!!ReplyCancel

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