Bella’s La Jolla Adventure

Bella.  This one is beautiful on the outside, but friends, I tell you- this is one to watch for her brains even more than her looks.  Bella is, as I mentioned on Instagram, a force!  She knows what she wants, and she goes for it. She is decisive- the kind of person who has wheels turning at all times. You can see them as you talk to her, just turning in her mind.  She can tell you in .5 seconds if she likes your idea or not- it was awesome during our session because we were able to get through lots of ideas and locations without a lot of fuss.  She gets it done and moves on.

Bella knew she wanted to have an beachy-urban session, which is something La Jolla provides quite nicely.  I will say this- I have never walked that much of La Jolla before ever in my life!  Bella is frequently in La Jolla during the summer with friends, and has a bunch of favorite spots.  We discovered a few along the way as well, and it made for a nice mix of planned locations and surprise backdrops.  I also tapped into my adventure-photographer side, with Bella’s (amazing) mom holding onto the back of my shirt as I perched above the water while Bella was swinging over the ocean. You know- just in case.

I’ve known Bella’s family for a while now- they are a family of strong, intelligent and passionate women.  I am so excited to see where life takes Bella after gradation- this girl is headed towards big things!



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